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Your Support Matters

We can't do this without your support. Find out more about how you can help.

How You Can Help


Every contribution makes a difference in reaching our goals and sustaining the organization longterm.


Good to know: Donations are tax-deductible as we are officially recognized as a charitable organization.


You can support us by donating your skills and time. Find more information here.

How To Donate


Bank Transfer

Make a direct transfer to our account via bank transfer by scanning the QR code in your eBanking app. Consider making a regular contribution via standard order. 

QR Code_ToT_ZKB Online.png

Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank

IBAN: CH04 0070 0114 8055 0334 1

Payable to: Förderverein Tansanias Junge Talente, 8038 Zürich 

TWINT RaiseNow

Scan the QR code with your TWINT app or click the button below to donate.


Make Your Contribution Known

Every donation makes a difference. Don't forget to share your commitment to this cause on social media!

Good To Know

Since we are officially recognized as charitable organization, we have tax-exempt status in Switzerland. If you leave your contact information with your donation, you will receive a receipt for the total amount of your donations at the end of the year for tax purposes.

Financial support

Why We Need Your Financial Support

We founded the non-profit organization Children and Youth Community Organization (CYCO) in Tanzania to give children living in poverty a brighter future. The House of Talents is the place where we make this happen.


As a certified non-profit organization, CYCO depends on donations. Funds are raised through our Zurich-based Support Association for Tanzania's Young Talents (Förderverein für Tanzanias Junge Talente) which is certified as a non-profit organization. The support association has tax exempt status (according to §61 lit. g StG and art. 56 lit. g DBG), making donations tax deductible for Swiss residents.

Building the 

House of Talents

We want to make our center a safe and nurturing space for the kids. For this organization to be sustainable, we need to be able to maintain and improve the infrastructure and community space while also maintaining a core staff. We also require funds for training equipment, teaching materials, and meals, among other things.


Read more about expenses and the cost of living in Tanzania below.


& Transparency

Here are examples of operation, infrastructure and material costs we need to cover:

  • Salary and board for three to four professional artists who train and supervise the children. 

  • Meals for the children and staff

  • Clothes for training

  • Purchase of training equipment, e.g. mats, balls, and juggling material

  • Gardening supplies, e.g. seeds, rain-proof gear, and tools

  • Equipments for teaching and administration, like classroom supplies and electronics

  • Maintenance of the center​ and storage space

Money in Tanzania

The cost of living and goods can vary depending on the region. In Dar es Salaam, rents, utilities, and public transport costs are high compared to the average salary. The income disparity between urban and rural regions is significant.

Tanzania's official currency is the shilling (TSh). In early 2022, 1 TSh is worth 0.00043 USD or 0.0004 CHF.

Here are some examples of the cost of living in Tanzania in USD.

Meal at an Eatery

USD 1.20 outside the city

USD 3.50 in the city


USD 0.50 for bread

USD 1.- for a liter of milk

USD 2.- for a dozen eggs

USD 10.- for a dozen papayas or mangos

Food for a Family

USD 5.- per day

Roof of a Small House

USD 1000.- including materials and labor


USD 120.- new

USD 60.- used

Cost of Living
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