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The Children and Youth Community Organization (CYCO) is certified as non-profit organization in Tanzania. Funds for CYCO are raised by the non-profit association Förderverein für Tansanias Junge Talente (FTJT), which operates in Zurich, Switzerland and is tax exempt (per decree of the Canton of Zurich under art.§60 ff. ZGB).

Children & Youth Community Organization

Chanika House of Talents

Kanta ya Zingiziwa

Mtaa Wa Lubakaya

S.L.P. 20950

Dar es Salaam


Please note that this address is not reachable by mail. Any mail should be sent to:

Astrid Stingelin, Maienstrasse 23, CH-8050 Zurich

Förderverein für Tansanias Junge Talente

Thujastrasse 42

8038 Zurich


0041 76 344 34 87

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