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Consider volunteering to support our cause.

Find out how you can join our team.

Volunteer(s) Needed for...

  • Fundraising

Are you interested in gaining experience in NGO financing and fundraising? Or do you have expertise in this area that you would like to offer this young organization? We need people able and willing to donate their time and support us in our fundraising efforts in Switzerland and beyond. Help us create a network of donors and sponsors to sustain the House of Talents. See Flyer >

Good to Know

At this point, the people building and sustaining this project are donating their time. Whatever funds we raise go towards the activities and efforts on site at the Chanika House of Talents: building the infrastructure (the acrobatics center, equipment, training clothes, teaching materials) and providing room and board for our trainers. The next priority of our fundraising efforts is to make sure we can pay an adequate salary to the trainers for their time and expertise.

We are always happy to hear from people interested in supporting our efforts in some capacity. Get in touch with us if that's you!

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