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The Green Village: From Seed to Tree

Planting the seeds of a community's greener future with sustainable cultivation practices.

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Project Impact & Goals

The project's aims are to strengthen the local community and its environment by introducing participants to the principles of permaculture; raise awareness about the relationship between environmental issues, nutrition, and health; and kickstart the reforestation of the area.


Concept & Goals

Teaching Ecological Practices

With the help of permaculture experts, we developed a series of workshops that constitute the first phase of the project from September to December 2023. The workshops introduce participants to the principles and practices of ecologically conscious farming. Participants will learn how to handle seeds and care for seedlings, how to reuse PET bottles and other materials in their gardening and farming practices, and how reforestation serves the entire ecosystem.


In the second phase, participants will be supported and monitored by our mentors as they care for their saplings independently. We are offering support and materials until the project's conclusion in May 2024.

Holistic Approach

Dialogue is a key element of the workshop, as the aim is to create sustainable change and center the needs of the local community.

We are building on the existing relationships and trust that we've established with with members of the local community through our work at the House of Talents.

It is important to us to integrate the younger generation in the work project as well. The workshops will be punctuated with thematic acrobatic and theatrical performances prepared by the children who attend acrobatic and dance classes at the House of Talents, providing a playful connection to the topics at hand – for the children as well as the participants.

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Project Timeline


Environment and Nutrition

Population growth has had a significant impact on the local environment in Chanika. Deforestation, increases in plastic waste, and unsustainable agricultural practices have had a devastating effect on soil quality and 


Many people in this region do not have access to healthy food or clean drinking water. Knowledge about the connection between nutrition, environment, and health is often lacking, which has long-term effects on people's wellbeing.

From Our Garden to the Community

When we built the House of Talents in Chanika, we also created a garden based on the principles of sustainable agriculture or permaculture. Our garden was not only meant to provide a source of food for the children and our resident staff; it was also conceived as a site of teaching and learning, as we saw the benefit of imparting and practicing sustainable cultivation methods with a generation that is suffering the consequences of environmental harm and food insecurity.


We developed this project to extend the reach of this vision and increasing our involvement with the local community. We hope to raise awareness about the relationship between our wellbeing and the health of the soil and vegetation around us, while creating a greener environment, improving soil quality as well as access to sustenance.


Budget & Funding


The House of Talent is providing access to the garden for the workshops and providing additional land, while local volunteers are managing the project. However, additional funds are needed to acquire implement the project and cover the following: 

  • Saplings, seeds, and fertilizer

  • Gardening tools and gear, incl. hoes, watering cans, bushwhackers, rubber boots

  • Building of tool shed and fence to protect the nursery

  • Meals for participants

  • Gifts for the participants

  • Materials and costumes for the children's acrobatic performances

  • Administration and compensation for the staff and experts

Total Cost: CHF 5'420

Funding Commitment by EcoSolidar: CHF 1'000

Funds Needed: CHF 4'420

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Project Team

Project Team.jpg

Jackson Kweka | Project Lead

Ben Urio Project Lead Assistance

Rashid Rajabu | Acrobatic Performance Development

Godlisten Igenga | Acrobatic Performance Development

Grace Rushura| Meal Preparation and General Project Support

Muss Hassan | Meal Preparation and General Project Support

Astrid Stingelin | Project Development and Outline, Fundraising, Meal Preparation und General Project Support

Others | Permaculture Experts, Long-Term Mentors

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