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Recent Donations

Giving thanks for our recent donations should definitely not be forgotten. It is vital for us that we receive the support of kind hearted people like you. We would like to give a quick insight into our newest additions.

We have received a bunch of acrobatic equipment for the kids by a dear friend and helper. Currently, that equipment is located in Spain and we are waiting for our crowdfunding campaign to be set up to collect the funds needed to transport it here.

Additionally, we have been provided with different kinds of electronic devices, such as a Laptop for all our administrative affairs and the setting up of the crowdfunding and the fundraising campaigns, a camera that we gave to one of our girls (which made her unbelievably happy), an ipad and more.

Furthermore we have been given clothes for the girls. The clothes have been brought back by our co-founder Astrid Stingelin after her last trip trip to Switzerland. Distributing them was a wonderful thing, and thanks to this great donation, the girls now have some clothes to train in, too!

Last but not least, let's not forget the money it took to build our centre in the first place. The money for upkeeping, bills for electrical costs, food, interior, the equipment we have now, etc. all of this has been provided by Astrid Stingelin herself. And now it's up to you guys to keep us going, we're counting on you!

Check our Instagram account for more detailed posts on the donations to come and follow our journey.

Much Love, Team CYCO


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