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New Project: The Green Village

We launched a new project to teach the local families how to apply sustainable growing practices and principles and plant up to 300 trees in Chanika.

The project will not only benefit the families struggling with food insecurity but also the local environment, fostering a more sustainable approach to cultivation that reduces waste and protects soil quality.

With the help of permaculture experts, we've developed a workshop series and mentoring program that will take place over the next nine months. The children training with us at the House of Talents will also be included in the project: they'll be preparing thematic acrobatic and theatrical routines and perform at the workshops, adding a playful and creative way to learn about the ecological thinking and living.

Preparations for the project are already under way: our team has been building a fence around the garden area to protect the sapling nursery our participants will be tending to. We are also raising funds to purchase the necessary materials and supplies we'll be needing to help our participants develop their skills and that will help turn Chanika into a greener space.

Learn more about the project on our project page or take a look at the project outline below.

Project Outline_Talents of Tanzania__The Green Village_2023-24_EN
Download PDF • 6.18MB

We look forward to an exciting new chapter in Chanika and welcome any donations and support!


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