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The House of Talents is on TV!

We are proud to announce that the amazing kids at our House of Talents will be featured on the Shikabamba 5 program on ITV this Saturday at 7.30 PM EAT.

Shikabamba 5 showcases children that have developed great talents despite adversity and challenges. The show airs every Saturday on Tanzania's most popular television station, ITV.

We're very happy that word of our project has spread and that so many will see the dedication of the kids and trainers, and value in the work we do. We also hope that, as our project gains visibility and recognition, this will motivate people to support our project in any way they can, as we need to raise funds and find sponsors to keep the House of Talents going and make sure the trainers can earn a living.

We'll be posting more news once the program has aired!

More about ITV:


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