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Learning About Children's Rights: Visiting Teacher

We've had the pleasure of having Jackson as a volunteer teacher at the House of Talents.

Jackson is a social worker and has been working with four of the children to improve their reading and writing skills in Swahili, the national language.

Next week, Jackson will be instructing the children on a crucial topic: their rights. This includes topics like the right to an education and the protection of their autonomy, e.g. in connection with coerced marriage.


Good To Know: In Tanzania, K-12 i.e. primary school is taught in Swahili; English is taught as a second language, but often only in a couple of lessons per week. When they transition to middle school, however, classes are taught in English. This poses great difficulties for many children.


We are very happy and grateful for Jackson's expertise and time, and for what he contributes to our efforts to support the children in their education!


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