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Fundraising: Looking for Sponsors

Securing the financial resources so that the Chanika House of Talents can be sustained and thrive is obviously vital. That is why we are looking for corporate sponsors.

We have shared our mission with various Swiss companies and hope that our work will resonate with them. At the same time, we are also working on building other forms of fundraising.

Since we are a small and young team, this is a challenge that requires a lot of creativity (and research). We are still looking for a person to help us with this. In the meantime, we are taking a grassroots approach to contacting people, companies, and community institutions in Zurich and outside who are willing and able to support us.

We believe that the value of the work we do in Chanika, and the joy and talents of the children we document here and on Instagram, will resonate with many people.

An Overview of Our Structure

We founded the NGO Children & Youth Community Organization (CYCO) in Tanzania in 2021 to realize our vision of an acrobatics and artistry center for children and young adolescents. At the same time, we founded the non-profit Förderverein für Tansanias Junge Talente in Switzerland, which takes care of fundraising for CYCO.


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