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FTJT Officially Recognized as Charitable Organization

We reached an important milestone in January when the Canton of Zurich recognized the Förderverein für Tansanias Junge Talente (FTJT), our sister organization in Switzerland, as a charitable organization, thereby granting the FTJT tax-exempt status (according to §61 lit. g StG and art. 56 lit. g DBG).

This is a vital step for us as it allows donors who give to the FTJT to support the House of Talents to claim their donation as a tax deduction (applies retroactively for donations made in 2021).

The purpose of the FTJT is to raise the funds the House of Talents needs to survive and thrive. The board members of the FTJT are not salaried, giving their time pro bono.

We are very happy about this achievement and the institutional recognition of the charitable nature of our work, as it help us build a stable network of donors and sponsors.


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